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Since the e3 ended, a lot of feminist and SJW blogs are trying to sell the narrative that this was the first e3 in history were females were represented in videogames. They are ignoring or lying about all the female characters that have been appearing every year since the creation of videogames and trying to make it seem as if there was almost no female characters in videogames until this year, and of course, the reason for this is that the industry is reacting to the pleas of the SJW and showing their support against Gamergate. Because everyone knows the main purpose of Gamergate is to expell any kind of female from videogames, right? RIGHT?…

Well unfortunatelly for them, they cannot fool anyone who has been played games for more than a year, and some have already make a comparison between this year and years past, showing that this year was, in fact, weaker in female characters than before. The only ones who look at how many females are in games are the SJWs and feminists trying to control the media, because we gamers don’t have anything against them; the industry makes more white male protagonists simply because there’s more males playing who will feel identified with a male character, and because the white male is the only tye of person left who can be treated in any way they want without backlash.

Also, those games have been in development for several years, way before GG started, so even if there were more females, it would have no relationship with GG. Specially because gamergate is not, in the least, oposed to female characters in videogames; we just want them to exist because it was the original idea of the creator and thus are well writen, and not to fill some stupid “quota” creating dull characters with propaganda dialogues like the recent Thorina and Wonder woman or the Dragon age 3.

Some info about it: http://www.breitbart.com/big-journalism/2015/06/24/gaming-press-fail-daily-beast-claims-e3-heroines-prove-gamergate-is-dead/

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