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The Denver Comic con released the statement that Gamergate shirts would not be allowed in the con because they considered GG a hate group. Obviously a shitstorm ensued, but this time surprisingly they mantained a dialogue, and they have given some reasons and conceded some things.

Some of their reasons are that as is a controversial theme, wearing them would create problems, and that the only reason to wear them is precisely to create that problems. I can understand that point, but is obviously biased, because they are not forbiding to wear clothes on other controversial themes, like feminism, religion, atheism or even anti-Gg clothes, and they also have the bias of thinking that all GGers would wear that clothes only to cause trouble, when mainly they would do to easilly recognize themselves, reunite and talk, and to show support the the movement, not to pick fights.

In the end is not clear if they will allow Gg clothes or not, their statements are kinda vague, but it seems many people want to go with GG shirts, so if you are one of those, you may as well consider one of my GG t-shirt designs (shilling power activated!) http://kukuruyo.spreadshirt.com/

For more info on the topic: http://theralphretort.com/denver-comic-con-ties-itself-in-knots-over-gamergate-attendance-4026015/

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