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Gamergate had it’s first meetup in a restaurant, a simple and common reunion of people to talk about videogames and this months experiences, but aparently an evil KKK activity for the Social justice warriors, because they have messaged and mailed the restaurant time and time again to stop the meetup from happening.

The meetup was succesfuly done, but at some point someone (unidentified at this moment) made a Bomb thread against the restaurant and the police came to evacuate the place. Also, some SJW actually wasted money to go there and risk a fine by pulling the Fire alarm, a well known feminist tactic to silence disent voices.

Here’s more info on the controversy http://theralphretort.com/ggindc-open-thread-will-be-updated-throughout-the-night-501015/

Here’s some photos of the event http://ggindc.blogspot.com.es/

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