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If you haven’t being living under a rock you will already know about the Honey badgers fiasco, but just in case i will summarize.

The Honey Badger Brigade is a group of varied people, mostly woman, composed of egalitarians, MGTOWs, humanists and MRA’s, who talk about gender issues while rejecting the feminist ideas of women being all victims and men all perpetrators. It is also a group i colaborate with providing art.

The HBB hired a booth in the Calgaryexpo 2015 to sell and promote Alison’s webcomic Badger01 drawed by me), and also a Vivian james poster drawed by me. But when the SJW’s saw the gamergate art they freacked out and asked Calgaryexpo to expel the group, and they finaly succed, because the second day, security forced them to hurriedly leave the place under the pretense of harrassment in a conference.

The acusation has been proved to be false by an audio recording of the conference, but Calgaryexpo has been changing their version time and time again, and banned Alison from any other expo done by them, forever.

There’s more extensive info on this here: http://www.breitbart.com/london/2015/04/19/calgary-expo-faces-consumer-backlash-after-expelling-female-critics-of-feminism/

or here: http://www.reaxxion.com/7825/rabid-sjws-bully-and-harrass-women-at-calgary-expo-before-getting-them-banned

What i find more ludicrous is that they are so incredibly stupid as to think that the HBB satirical text about “pretending to be geeks for ten years just to infiltrate the expo” is actualy serious… because even a 10 years old can tell that is a joke…

If you want to support the honeybadgers, i have created a Honeybadger mask that can be added to your twitter avatar using Twibbon, they also are selling a shirt with the flag design on their booth

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