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Recently Gamergate was accused of hijacking the Hugo awards, one of the most important sci-fi awards of the year, and our answer was more or less: WHAT?; it seems is another case of using GG as the boogeyman to acuse of everything bad in this planet, but here’s the story.

In the last years, the Hugo awards have been going down because the awards were given for politics instead of quality. Some works were given awards just because the authors were black, or women, or homosexual, etc, or were given to books that had very little relationship with sci-fi, but portrayed some transsexual or minority as main characters. At the same time, authors were not given awards based on their political ideologies in real life, for being white, male, straight, or even because they did fat jokes.

Sad puppies is a group of sci-fi fans who were tired (and sad) of this and organized to make colective votes on this year’s nominees based on quality instead of politics. As a result, this year’s nominees are almost all from sad puppies list, something that has made the SJWs to go crazy, because some of the authors of those books are right wing, or have made comments in the past that they consider to be racist or homophobic (and i say “they consider” because we all know that what a SJW consider to be racist or homophobic usually is not).

For more info on the matter you can read here http://www.reaxxion.com/7182/how-sjws-took-over-science-fiction-and-how-theyre-losing-control

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