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You have probably heard it by now because it’s everywhere. DC comics pulled out a Variant cover for the comic Batgirl that showed the Joker threatening Batgirl in a reference to the critically aclaimed Batman comic “the Killing joke”. If you haven’t heard about it you will be wondering, why they pulled it out because of that? superheroes are constantly being threatened by the villains and is very common for a cover.

Well, it’s because, this time, the social justice warriors and similar easilly offended people didn’t liked to see a woman being threatened by a man in a cover, and because of it they decided, again, to do what they do best: Try to erase what they don’t like from existance.

They created a hashtag called #changethecover and hardpressed DC to remove it, while of course doubting the artist ability to draw and even the quality of the Killing joke comic, in a flagrant show of total ignorance about comics or art. But how they will know? they don’t read comics, just want to censor them. This is why gamergate is constantly growing in allies, even if the themes are different (comics, heavy metal, etc) the core of the problem is the same and more people is getting wind of what this people do and joining our side, even if they don’t play videogames.

For more info: http://www.reaxxion.com/6350/puritans-are-using-changethecover-to-censor-comic-book-covers-that-hurt-their-feelings

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