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To understand this situation, some context is required. There’s a program avaliable in twitter commonly called the blockbot; the program suposedly blocks “the worst harrasers on twitter”, but what it truly does is to block any gamergate supporter, no matter if he/she has harrassed or not. What’s more, if you follow or retweet from someone in the block list, you are also added to the list and considered a “harrasser” so you are blocked from everyone who has the program on.

So, what happened is, Chris Mancil, the head of digital communications for EA, retweeted a funny comment from Milo Yiannopoulos, a prominent member of Gamergate. By doing so, he was automathically added to the blocklist, and the program blocked his twitter from 2500 of his followers, thus losing 2500 followers in an instant.

The SJWs went crazy and asked EA for his head for “supporting a hate movement” (yeah, now retweeting a funny comment with no relation to GG is supporting a hate movement). He defended himself and critiziced the blockbot for doing “guilt by association”, comparing it to other blocklists and mentioning an article from Ben Kuchera. Ben Kuchera saw the comment and went full mcinstosh against Chris, trying to shut him up.

Gamergate then created the hashtag #letdevsspeak to support the devs who want to support GG but can’t do it for fear of being blacklisted.

More info: http://www.reddit.com/r/KotakuInAction/comments/2z1k40/ben_kuchera_going_after_head_of_ea_communications/

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