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I have been a couple of days away in a convention (in which, btw, i had a Vivian james poster showing and no one tried to kill me), and it seems the SJW’s have been busy. It’s funny because i did a speech in the convention in which i spoke about the SJW social censorship of art, just to return and see more cases of it :p

To the point, first Lionhead studios showed an art image from their game Fable to support NationalCleavageDay, that showed a female waitress with cleavage. SJW’s got crazy over it and began their usuall wave of attacks and attempts to bring it down using shame tactics, which in this case worked http://www.reaxxion.com/6794/lionhead-studios-dogpiled-by-feminists-for-posting-cleavage-from-their-own-game

Second, the game Pillars of Eternity (one i am considering to buy) came out and aparently one of the lore books on the game contains a joke, introduced as a kickstarter reward by a donor, that tells about a man who sleeps with a woman just to discover the next day that it was in truth a man. You can guess the rest, SJW’s began to ask for reinforcements to shame the company and try to erase the joke from the game http://theralphretort.com/sjws-paint-totalbiscuit-as-transphobic-over-censorship-disagreement-3029015/

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