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At the last GDC convention, Tim Schafer from Double Fine games decided that it was a moment as good as any other to lose consumers by making jokes about gamergate in a conference. It wouldn’t have been so bad if he just made regular jokes, i mean, we all do joke wih the other side, but he did a joke in which he implies that the people in the hashtag Notyourshield are sockpuppets and not actually women or minorities. After so many time of continuous proofs that the hashtag is full of concerned women and minorities, this feels particulary offensive, and even the audience in the room acompanied the joke with uncomfortable silence or sounds of disaproval.

Here’s some articles with more detailed info about it and videos for the conference http://attackongaming.com/gaming-talk/tim-schafer-makes-racist-joke-at-gdc-our-response/


Tim Schafer also participated in the infamous video of the “25 priviledges of a male gamer”

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