I made a video to explain this project, so you can watch it here if you prefer it in audio format.

I’ll be using this post to update on the advances of the comic, so take a look at the bottom of it if you’re coming back to see what’s new.

If you haven’t heard about Exquisite corpses, they’re a method by which several artists or writers collaborate to do each a part of a collective product. For example a group of writers gather and one writes a couple of lines of story, then the next one writes the next two, etc, and in the end you have a very weird story with different writing styles and an unpredictable development.

In the case of comics, one artist does a panel, and the rest each continues with the following panel. That’s usually done by a group of artists, but what I intend to do is create one “massive” exquisite corpse where the readers are the ones who decide each panel, and I will draw them.

So I’ll begin presenting the protagonist, and from them I’ll ask readers for ideas on what the protagonist should do. Then I’ll gather the 4 most interesting ideas (since twitter polls only allow for 4 options), and put them to vote. The most voted idea will be drawn in the next panel, and we will repeat the process until the page is completed. After that, we’ll see if it has worked enough to keep doing this, or I just finish there. This can work either pretty well and be a success, or no one will participate and be a boring thing. We’ll see. I’ll be posting updates in this thread so come back if you want to see how it goes.

So the first thing I did was to ask people who should be the protagonist, and after some ideas and vote, it was decided that the protagonist would be a female cyborg:

Then I asked people what should be her name, and the most voted proposal was Silica:

So finally people had to give ideas on what Silica would do on the next panel, and the most voted proposal was for her to be the leader of Kekistan:

Then i asked what Silica should do as a leader, and collected the 4 most interesting options. The winner was to build a temple of Kek.

After that, is asked for new ideas for the next panel, and people voted for her to have the Holy armor of Kek.

People gave ideas for next panel and the winner was Stealing the HWNDU flag.

Then people had to decide on the last panel, and this is the end result of the comic:

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