Recently i tried an experiment, where i tried to create a comic page in which each panel was decided by the readers. You can find all of the info and the process for the page here, but essentially consisted in me asking for ideas in social media for every panel, then doing a vote for the best one, and drawing it.

The response was very good; there were few ideas at the beginning, but after a couple panels people started to collaborate more, and with a little on my part to give coherence to the continuity, we managed a “story”. Here is the result:



So, considering the success i made a poll to see if people liked and wanted more, and there was an overwhelming positive response, so i guess we can try doing more of this. Even so, some points were raised, and it would be cool if we can find solutions for them. From my part my main concerns are that while hundreds of people voted in the polls, only a fragment of those gave ideas for panels. Since this is a work where the entire plot and characters are decided by readers, if readers don’t give ideas, i can’t do anything, and you can’t vote anything, so let’s try giving some ideas next time. My other concern is that Twitter polls only allow for 4 options, when sometimes there were a dozen good ideas, but i don’t know of a solution for this. I’ve tried in the past using third party polls, but participation greatle decreases, and some are easy to cheat.

Some of the readers have raised the point that the happenings are “too random” or that there are too much story in one single page. Since the point of this project is to draw whatever readers suggest and vote, there’s not really much i can do about that; in fact some would say that the alluring part of it is the randomness. But, if someone has an idea about how to improve the project, i’m all ears.

For now, the main question we should respond is: Will the next page be a continuation of Silica’s adventures, or do we create a new character with their own story? I made a poll and people voted to continue with Silica as protagonist, so i guess she’ll be the official protagonist and leader of Kekistan for this comics:


So i asked for ideas for the first panel, and after a vote, people decided that Shia labeouf would challenge her:


So now we need ideas for next panel, what will happen next? how will Silica face this problem? People voted (in a very close vote) that the Temple of Kek would transform into a mech

After that, people tied a vote between a mech fight and a jojo reference, so i managed to do both:

New ideas where voted and the Pepes option won

People gave ideas for next panel, and voted for Shia to be arrested



And finally people chose to make Shia arrested by a black cop.



Now you can give ideas for what will happen in round 3, the next page.

DO NOT answer here because i have no way to know for what panel you’re making suggestions. I made this same warning for the old comic and still ppl kept writing here so i had to ignore their ideas. Write a comment in any of my social media; if you can’t on twitter use facebook, or deviantart or patreon