Recently i tried an experiment, where i tried to create a comic page in which each panel was decided by the readers. You can find all of the info and the process for the page here, but essentially consisted in me asking for ideas in social media for every panel, then doing a vote for the best one, and drawing it.

The response was very good; there were few ideas at the beginning, but after a couple panels people started to collaborate more, and with a little on my part to give coherence to the continuity, we managed a “story”. We now have a protagonist, a cover and some pages, you can read them here:

Now, we continue the process with the next page: First Silica makes the maids to be warbrides.

Then they decided that the warbrides would go fight pedobear

Then people decide that Pedobear would hide in Hollywood

Then people voted to have a feminist protest outside

The folowing panel, people voted for Silica to just build a wall.

How should this page end? let’s give it a final panel.