I have received a lot of entries this year, i’ll first show all the participants and then show the winners at the bottom of the post.

He recibido muchas entradas este año, primero mostrare todos los participantes y despues los ganadores al final del post.



Author: Jose María Palacios.



Author: David Bravo



Author: Sgt Schaltz

Almira of Pack Hati

A formidable enemy that the hunters can kill.


Almira is a 12 year old Lykaia (wolf canine humanoid) woman. Lykaia have a short life span and live around 20-26 years. She’s 5’9 feet tall, a fit body, sharp teeth, and ice blue eyes. Almira has silver-ish fur/hair with black hair around the ears, knees, and elbows. She has a long tail and tries to keep her long hair in a ponytail. Almira’s forearms and legs are like a werewolf.

She wears a light armor that the plates are made from an exoskeleton of a large centipede monster. The armor has a resistance to lightning but doesn’t offer much for physical defense. When she is traveling to the south, she normally takes some of the plates and sections of her armor off to try keep cool. She has a short sword and dagger but nothing special of either of those weapons. She only really uses those to deflect or block an enemy’s weapon. Almira has a preference to use her claws or throw ice shards. She rarely uses her teeth for combat.


Almira’s elemental affinity is ice. She can form ice shards and throw them like kunai knives. If she has time to set up an ambush, she’ll dig small 3 feet deep holes with ice spikes acting like a spiked pitfall trap. She can form ice armor around herself or anyone she is touching. However ice armor locks the person in place. As a Lykaian, she has a strong claws capable of digging through stone. She has a keen sense of smell and can track any creature if she has a sample of their scent. She has natural resistance to ice effects


She is smart for a primitive but has trouble reading and writing. She sometimes even acts dumber to manipulate others to help her. Though she does try to help those kind people with something. Even if she was instructed to kill them, she would do a kind favor for them. Except sparing their life, Almira is more scared of the Empire’s army of cracklesticks, boomsticks, and other horrors than any possible remorse for killing a friendly person. She also doesn’t understand firearms and considers them magic. She calls the standard issue rifle of the Empire a cracklestick.


She was a strong willed beta hunter and was planning to challenge her packs alpha. This changed when the Empire defeated her pack and domesticated the survivors for labor. After seeing a fraction of the Empire’s might, she is terrified at the thought of fighting against them ever again. Due to Almira abilities, members of the Empire saw possible use of her. After a few years of training her, she was used for target tracking. Eventually, she proven herself to be able to do assassination and infiltration missions. That or the Empire wanted someone that was disposable to do high risk missions. She wears a collar to remind her of domestication.

Race (If it’s too much, Almira can be an incomplete):

Lykaia are a wolf humanoid race that lives majority in the far North. Lykaia have a keen sense of smell and strong claws. The Lykaia are rather a primitive society based on the strongest warrior being the leader of their pack. Packs often fight amongst one another for territory or food and a member within the pack often challenge the Prime Alpha for leadership.  The Prime Alpha gets to have his or her name be the packs name and gets the strongest mate which is the Alpha.

The very top left of the image is a few ideas for ice shards. Below that is the short sword and a dagger. The short sword is based off the Laconian short sword but with a simple wooden hand with leather wrapping. The dagger isn’t really based on anything but it has a similar handle to the short sword.

Almira’s armor is mostly based off of Razor Assassin Armor from a Skyrim mod. The only difference is removal of plates, the plates are held by leather straps, and a Kamui Senketsu skirt design from Kill la Kill. Around her neck is a leather collar

The bottom left is an ice spike pitfall trap. The bottom right is a just a cloak idea to help her hide in crowds. Its base of Holo’s cloak from Spice and wolf.

The darker areas on the front and nude side view was to show were the black fur is. It didn’t really come out well. So for ease the black fur is around the joints, the ears, and a large stripe in the tail.



Author: Francesco Olaya

Carnoceras – Monstruo del tipo reptil

De fuertes y enormes mandibulas ,muy elasticas ,pueden abrirlas hasta 130 grados ,carnivoros ,de masomenos 2 metros de estatura y 6 de largo ,son expertos depredadores ,de fuertes piernas ,las cuales suelen tensar como un resorte para luego salir dispararos hacia sus presas ..cortandolas en dos de un mordisco …poseen cabezas muy duras que pueden soportar espadazos ,suelen usarlas para embestir a sus presas causando graves heridas con sus cabezas de cuña ,cazan ganado ,criaturas humanoides y algunas especies de Monstruos más pequeñas ,suelen ser solitarios y tienen tendencias canibales ,cazan por entretenerse ,muy peligrosos.

Son ideales para luchar contra heroes.



Author: Edward Jewett

No description.



Author: Carlos Marin

Here I got a Koro-puk-guru, it’s a little nature spirit from Japanese folklore. As numerous as ants they are really squishy, they literally got 1hp and even when dying they make different kawaii sounds. They can be found anywhere in nature varying from little bugs sizes to even a little plushie size.
Their colors vary according to the biome, however they can always be found in a cyan blue color and glowing a light blue color in darkness.
They may work in both comics as background characters or… Victims.



Author: Unimbo

Nuberu puede manejar la esencia de su elemento para crear una nube bajo ella sobre la que puede montar y en la que va desplazándose de un lado a otro. Su bastón es mucho más que una herramienta para caminar: está hecho de partes de monstruo, que le permiten utilizarlo como arma para desatar su simbiosis, con la cual es capaz de crear nada menos que una tormenta sobre aquellos a quienes desee mal. Es muy maliciosa y caprichosa, como las tormentas sobre las cuales tiene poder.


Nuberu can handle the essence of her element to create a cloud under her feet that she can ride, and on which she displaces herself from one place to another. Her staff is more than an aid to walk: it’s made of monster body pieces, which allow her to use it as a weapon to unleash her symbiosis, with which she’s capable of creating nonetheless than a storm over those whom she wants to hurt. She’s very malicious and capricious, like the storms that she commands.


-Oni Blanca

Author: Francesco Olaya

Oni Blanca-

De piel palida y ojos rojos ,tambien llamadas Onis albinas ,son una especie mutante de Oni ,tienden a tener cuerpos más rellenos que los de una Oni normal ,pueden soltar de sus rechonchos cuerpos una fuerte feromona que controla las mentes de quienes la inhalen …esta feromona actua como un afrodisiaco..dejando indefenso al rival ,ademas de sumiso ..ellas pueden segregarla por su sudor ..boca …trasero ,pies y otras partes con facilidad ..y aunque suelen usarlo con moderacion nunca falta una que lo usa para seducir a hombres y tenerlos como esclavos ..incluso funciona con mujeres …

Son Monsters muy dificiles de ver ..ya que nacen muy pocas por año ,tienen tendencias kuuderes o de comportarse como princesas con sus cuerpos chubbys seduciendo hombres.



Author: Valentino Conti

Asura Race

 The Asuras are a race of humanoid with red skin, 3 heads and 6 arms. They belong to the Deva species.

In the East Continets there is a powerful monster species called Devas, which are divided in three races: the Yakshas (Earth Devas), the Rakshasas (Underworld Devas) and Asura (Celestial Devas). The Asura, in particular, are considered the most powerful: they have a special affinity with the Essence, which they can manifest as a golden aura that boosts their already considerable strenght, resilience and speed. The most skilled of Asuras can also use this aura to float and can even materialize it to create weapons and armours.

However, Asura are also well known for their incredible pride, selfishness and short temper: in ancient times they could’t collaborate with each other to save their own life, because everyone thought to be superior to everyone else. Also, because often one of their head felt superior to the others, they couldn’t even unlock their true strenght. Because of this, their civilization was very primitive until humans arrived. These humans, while much weaker than the Asuras, had very strong monks with a culture of discipline and self control, and shared their wisdom with the Asuras. The Asuras then managed to control their instincts and work toghether as a race, while collaborating with the humans that taught them inner peace. They also learned how to train their control of Essence, becoming MUCH stronger in the process.

There are still Asuras that are not willing to control their nature though, but they are banished until they change idea.

 Character Info

 Name: Raj

Age: 29

Height: 2,48 m

Weight: 120 kg


Imagine the worst kind of toxic MOBA player: smug, boastful, prideful, short tempered, always blaming other for their percieved mistakes, with a huge superiority complex and extremely competitive. This is Raj main trait. She has no patience, she try to take the merit of everything going right while shifting the blame always on someone else, she is foul mouthed and can’t cooperate for shits.
This is the personality of her central head though… because each one of her heads has a different one.

The right head is calm, collected and logic, while also being bitter, envious of Center’s control over the body and generally a prick. She rarely speak apart from snarky remarks, and she usually don’t care anything.

The left head is cheerful, joyous and carefree, and she is also the kindest of the three… but she is also a total moron and has a very short attention span.

Also, on a side note, the right head is a lesbian, the left is straight and the center is bisex.

 History: Exiled from her people because she refused to control herself, Raj wandered from land to land, never staying too much in one place because no one can stand her personality. She eventually ended up in Robukan.

 Powers and Abilities: As an Asura, Raj is very strong and resilient, but because of her split personality between the heads, she is also very clumsy and not coordinated at all. She also can’t use her Essence control.
However, should someone manage to piss off all 3 heads at the same time, they’d be in for a world of hurt: when all the heads are focused, Raj can use the Essence to gain the Celestial Aura, becoming really, REALLY strong (Asura’s Wrath strong). [insert Super Sayan joke here]

In her Celestial Form, Raj can fly, she can shatter hills with a punch and she is so resistant that most attacks would just bounce off her. She still can’t use Weapon Materialization (she didn’t have the training for it).
However, since the right head usually don’t give a fuck and the left one is so airheaded, getting them focused on one task is almost impossible.

-Megan L’don

Author: Matthew Guillette

No description.


Author: Javier Galindo

El tolvovinqaa es una criatura única en todo el mundo, pues es una bestia que puede habitar en la tierra, en el mar, y en el cielo. Es un depredador gigantesco y voraz con unas duras escamas por todo su cuerpo que le permiten desplazarse con facilidad por cualquier terreno; pero al mismo tiempo que posee pulmones, también tiene branquias que le permiten respirar bajo el agua. Puede cerrar sus branquias cuando está en tierra firme, indefinidamente. No solo eso, sino que tiene unas membranas en las cuatro patas y en la parte dorsal que le sirven tanto como aletas cuando está en el agua, como de alas para volar y surcar los cielos. Además se pueden replegar y desplegar con gran facilidad según no las necesite o sí. En la imagen se muestran sus alas/aletas solo a medio desplegar.

Estas características (poder nadar con facilidad con sus aletas y branquias, correr a toda velocidad en tierra firme, y alzar el vuelo con sus alas), unidas a su instinto depredador y violento hacen de él un monstruo formidable y temible, que ha conquistado los tres reinos (tierra, mar y aire), y que será sin duda la pesadilla de cualquier cazador que intente enfrentarse a él.



Author: Whoami

No description.



Author: Valentino Conti

Name: Tala

Race: Incomplete (Wendigo)

Height: 2.12 m

Weight: 91 kg

Story: Tala story is not a very common and sad one. Born as an incomplete from poor human parents, she was abandoned in the woods at the age of 4 because feeding her was too costly and she also was very aggressive. She managed to survive, however, although it was very hard and she doesn’t like to talk about it.

Now she is a bandit and a thief, and she steal food and possessions from the unlucky people she meet. But unfortunately for her, most people that travel in her area are hunters who usually kick her ass hard.

 Personality: Tala is very selfish, cowardly and has little empathy for others. She only cares about herself, and mostly about one part of her: her stomach. She is costantly hungry and would do anything for food, from stealing to killing to even selling her body. She is also very lazy when not searching for food and spend all of her free time napping.

Tala is not very smart (she is actually quite stupid and brutish), but she has a good self preservation instinct (when not too hungry) and she prefer to escape rather than fight a hard battle.
Powers and Abilities: Her most outstanding ability is that she can eat pretty much anything organic, even poisonous things (mushrooms, plants, animals) withou ill effects. She prefers to eat good food though.
She is also pretty strong and fast, especially when moving on all four like a beast, and her claws can tear iron armour like tissue, but she’s still weaker than most monsters and hunters.

She refers to herself in third person when she speaks. Like “Tala is hungry!” or “Tala is scared!”

 The deer-like skull on her head is actually part of her body. She can’t remove it.

 Offering her free food will istantly make her your friend… until she get hungry again at least (and she gets hungry fast).



2nd prize winner.



The Tolvovinqaa gets second prize; the 3 pdfs of Monster girls on tour and the creature being added to Robukan.

El Tolvovinqaa obtiene el segundo premio; los tres pdfs de Monster girls on tour y su criatura siendo añadida a Robukan.


1st prize winner


Tala gets first prize; the 3 pdfs of MGoT, a free commission, a cameo in one of the comics, and the creature being added to Robukan.

Tala obtiene el primer premio; los 3 pdfs de Monster girls on tour, una comisión gratuita, un cameo en uno de los comics, y la criatura siendo añadida a Robukan.