by Valentino conti

Name: Tala

Race: Incomplete (Wendigo)

Height: 2.12 m

Weight: 91 kg


Story: Tala story is not a very common and sad one. Born as an incomplete from poor human parents, she was abandoned in the woods at the age of 4 because feeding her was too costly and she also was very aggressive. She managed to survive, however, although it was very hard and she doesn’t like to talk about it.
Now she is a bandit and a thief, and she steal food and possessions from the unlucky people she meet. But unfortunately for her, most people that travel in her area are hunters who usually kick her ass hard.


Personality: Tala is very selfish, cowardly and has little empathy for others. She only cares about herself, and mostly about one part of her: her stomach. She is costantly hungry and would do anything for food, from stealing to killing to even selling her body. She is also very lazy when not searching for food and spend all of her free time napping.

Tala is not very smart (she is actually quite stupid and brutish), but she has a good self preservation instinct (when not too hungry) and she prefer to escape rather than fight a hard battle.
Powers and Abilities: Her most outstanding ability is that she can eat pretty much anything organic, even poisonous things (mushrooms, plants, animals) withou ill effects. She prefers to eat good food though.
She is also pretty strong and fast, especially when moving on all four like a beast, and her claws can tear iron armour like tissue, but she’s still weaker than most monsters and hunters.


She refers to herself in third person when she speaks. Like “Tala is hungry!” or “Tala is scared!”


The deer-like skull on her head is actually part of her body. She can’t remove it.


Offering her free food will istantly make her your friend… until she get hungry again at least (and she gets hungry fast).