by Sgt schaltz

Almira of Pack Hati

A formidable enemy that the hunters can kill.


Almira is a 12 year old Lykaia (wolf canine humanoid) woman. Lykaia have a short life span and live around 20-26 years. She’s 5’9 feet tall, a fit body, sharp teeth, and ice blue eyes. Almira has silver-ish fur/hair with black hair around the ears, knees, and elbows. She has a long tail and tries to keep her long hair in a ponytail. Almira’s forearms and legs are like a werewolf.

She wears a light armor that the plates are made from an exoskeleton of a large centipede monster. The armor has a resistance to lightning but doesn’t offer much for physical defense. When she is traveling to the south, she normally takes some of the plates and sections of her armor off to try keep cool. She has a short sword and dagger but nothing special of either of those weapons. She only really uses those to deflect or block an enemy’s weapon. Almira has a preference to use her claws or throw ice shards. She rarely uses her teeth for combat.


Almira’s elemental affinity is ice. She can form ice shards and throw them like kunai knives. If she has time to set up an ambush, she’ll dig small 3 feet deep holes with ice spikes acting like a spiked pitfall trap. She can form ice armor around herself or anyone she is touching. However ice armor locks the person in place. As a Lykaian, she has a strong claws capable of digging through stone. She has a keen sense of smell and can track any creature if she has a sample of their scent. She has natural resistance to ice effects


She is smart for a primitive but has trouble reading and writing. She sometimes even acts dumber to manipulate others to help her. Though she does try to help those kind people with something. Even if she was instructed to kill them, she would do a kind favor for them. Except sparing their life, Almira is more scared of the Empire’s army of cracklesticks, boomsticks, and other horrors than any possible remorse for killing a friendly person. She also doesn’t understand firearms and considers them magic. She calls the standard issue rifle of the Empire a cracklestick.


She was a strong willed beta hunter and was planning to challenge her packs alpha. This changed when the Empire defeated her pack and domesticated the survivors for labor. After seeing a fraction of the Empire’s might, she is terrified at the thought of fighting against them ever again. Due to Almira abilities, members of the Empire saw possible use of her. After a few years of training her, she was used for target tracking. Eventually, she proven herself to be able to do assassination and infiltration missions. That or the Empire wanted someone that was disposable to do high risk missions. She wears a collar to remind her of domestication.

Race (If it’s too much, Almira can be an incomplete):

Lykaia are a wolf humanoid race that lives majority in the far North. Lykaia have a keen sense of smell and strong claws. The Lykaia are rather a primitive society based on the strongest warrior being the leader of their pack. Packs often fight amongst one another for territory or food and a member within the pack often challenge the Prime Alpha for leadership.  The Prime Alpha gets to have his or her name be the packs name and gets the strongest mate which is the Alpha.

The very top left of the image is a few ideas for ice shards. Below that is the short sword and a dagger. The short sword is based off the Laconian short sword but with a simple wooden hand with leather wrapping. The dagger isn’t really based on anything but it has a similar handle to the short sword.

Almira’s armor is mostly based off of Razor Assassin Armor from a Skyrim mod. The only difference is removal of plates, the plates are held by leather straps, and a Kamui Senketsu skirt design from Kill la Kill. Around her neck is a leather collar

The bottom left is an ice spike pitfall trap. The bottom right is a just a cloak idea to help her hide in crowds. Its base of Holo’s cloak from Spice and wolf.

The darker areas on the front and nude side view was to show were the black fur is. It didn’t really come out well. So for ease the black fur is around the joints, the ears, and a large stripe in the tail.