ms marvel adult back p


A commission of Ms.Marvel. This one has kind of a history. First i was commissioned for a ms.marvel drawing in this pose, and some retarded people got so offended over it that they got the drawing banned from Deviantart; they got my ad service to pull out their service; they tried to get marvel to sue me and they wrote articles acusing me of pedophilia. So i did a grownup version of the character with 20 years old, as a parody and to show how stupid their accusations and the bans where. Can you guess what happened? The drawing got banned from deviantart and my account suspended! because aparently that is an “underage” drawing!.

Fortunately i got some support from people who commissioned me, and here’s one of the results of that: My grownup version of ms.marvel in the same pose as the original crime. Because fuck those who try to censor art, i’ll keep doing the fuck i want and i don’t care if they get offended.

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