kamala p



Since some people are so, so, so offended by the existance of a commission I did of Ms Marvel, because “you’re sexualizing an idol for teenagers and I think they are moronic and will be affected by it blah blah blah” or “you’re a pedophile! because I have no idea what pedophilia means but I can virtue signal by throwing that word at you!” and all that stuff (you can see an extended version in the drawing itself), I have decided to trigger them a little more with another version. This one is very, very, very clearly stated as an adult woman. So it should be valid, right?, or will the original comic age still apply? what would it be? the original? mine? can you fap to this because i’m stating she’s 20? or you can’t because she’s 16 in the original? or is all this stupid as fuck because she’s a drawing of a fictional character and both me and the creators of the comic can, at any moment, say that she’s now any age we want? what if you wank to this and I decide tomorrow to change the text and now she’s sudenly 17?. It could perfectly be, because drawings of certain styles like anime or superheroes can use the same design for a wide range of ages; they just use the same kind of developed attractive body.
Isn’t it be time already to learn to discern between reality and fiction? 😉