futaba p


There’s a nude version of this drawing as exclusive patreon content.

A fanart of Futaba; also known as “Black hole”, from the anime Sansha Sanyou. SS it’s a funny show that seems to be very unkown for some reason. It’s even more curious because it looks almost the same as another anime that is more popular, “Anne happy”. Both main characters are almost the same, both have a friend with long braided hair, glasess and calm personality, another with short brown hair and happy personality, and two “rivals”, one of which hates one of the main characters but helps the group anyways, and another one who seems oblivious to this situation. Sometimes i even confuse the names of those animes.

Hay una versión desnuda de este dibujo como contenido exclusivo en patreon.

Un fanart de Futaba, también conocida como “Black hole”, del anime Sansha Sanyou.