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I’ve allways found ludicrous the argument that “women have to fear walking alone at night”, with suggestions, or straight accusations, that men don’t have the same problem. Well that’s bullshit for several reasons:

  1. Men are as scared as women on those situations. Like, seriously, this people really think that only women are scared when they walk alone in the dark? and when someone walks behind them? Even if we make a huge leap of faith and believe for a moment that patriarchy exists and men are super advantages, what the fuck that has to do with having fear on the face of the unknown, of the dark, and of someone chasing you? You think being a man makes you more secure if a bunch of drugs addicts decide to steal to you or something?. Bitch when i go alone in the night and someone walks behind me i assure you i can beat world records on speed walking. In fact i’m super aware when i’m walking behind someone, because i know they’ll be scared of me, and i don’t know if to walk slower so they get away, or walk faster to go past them quickly.
  2. Statisticaly, men are FOUR times more likely to be murdered than women. Which means i literaly have four times more chances than you to be killed while walking alone in the night than women do.

What this means, is that there’s a difference in perception. Women believe they are in much more danger than they really are, and think men are far more safer than we really are. And why that would be? I supose it has nothing to do with an ideology that has been telling them they are opressed and in continuous danger for all of their lives, and that men are priviledged and have nothing to fear because they have all the advantages, even if every data says otherwise ;).

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