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Reviews for the new Ghostbusters 2016 movie are coming out, and aparently the movie is full of male bashing, portraying every single male character as an asshole, stupid, or both. That made me remember how movies and tv shows continously portray men as stupid, assholes, unreliable, deadbeat dads, murderers, rapists, and outright disposable, while women are always inteligent, reliable, good and valuable. So i had the idea of doing a “male Bechdel test”; the Kuku test. This is intended as a joke. Even if all these things DO indeed happen A LOT, to the point that you would have to eliminate most movies in existance to pass this test, that doesn’t men those movies are trying to be sexist, or the industry hates men; the same that it’s not against women because they don’t pass the stupid Bechdel test. All of those things are a consecuence of gynocentrism and political correctness, that makes men want to act in benefict of women (and thus watching products in which the protagonists save a loved one) and media to show women as superior and perfect to avoid any backlash. Also time limitations imply that stories are usually simple and straightforward, like a Damsel in distress, and characters don’t speak about anything not related to the movie story itself and it’s characters. This is specially relevant for action movies, where fights consume most of the time, and are prefered by men. Of course there are particular movies with sexism towards women, and others with sexism towards men. Like Ghostbusters :).

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