It has been quite a number of years since i used my Vivian james comic to talk ABOUT Gamergate. Despite what haters try to claim everytime i upload a new strip, this pages haven’t touched this topic in a long time, and i use it for overall topics in the culture war. But this one was to juicy to pass up, since apparently to the ever extending list of imaginary crimes added to Gamergate every year now we also have to include being somehow responsible for the Corona virus XD. And not just coming from this individual; there were quite a number of “hot takes” about the issue, all of them with high enough number of likes to make obvious this is a narrative truly believed by those on the woke side of this particular event. I take pity on futre historians trying to puzzle their way around the topic of Gamergate and trying to understand how it could be, at the same time, just 300 virgins in a basement with no power whatsoever, and also half the population of the US whom also are somehow nazis XD.

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