One thing i find fascinating is that everytime i draw a meme or a quick comic, with the obvious intention of just being funny or expressing my opinion on something, i have a horde of people DEMANDING i HAVE to provide huge quantities of evidence for my “claim” (because jokes suddenly become face value claims when you don’t agree); and not just *some* evidence, but TONS of evidence. Like no mater how much evidence i provide, they always consider that “i’ve not provided evidence”. but then if you talk to those people, you realize they’ve believed anything that their media of choice has said about something, without questioning if anything they said was true. They did absolutely no research to see if what the media said is true, despite the media not providing any evidence at all, and they haven’t demanded said media to provide evidence of their claims, at any point.

This is an extremely funny occurrence, because anyone with a brain would understand that between “random guy who just draws some funny memes sometimes with his opinion” and “journalist writing for a mainstream publication whose job is to report the truth”, the one of which evidence should be demanded in droves is not exactly the former. And yet they do the opposite.

I’m not a journalist, i have absolutely NO obligation of wasting my time doing a job of evidence gathering for you. that’s the journalist job. I’ve already seen the evidence, on different places, at different times. I know it’s there and i’m building my opinion on it. It doesn’t cease to be there just because i have not spent 2 hours compiling info just to acompany a drawing that took me half an hour to make. That completely defeats the purpose of a “quick drawing” and by logic artist would not do these things otherwise. In some cases it’s not even possible to provide “evidence”, as i speak about topics that cannot be quantified, like conversations and arguments and people i’ve found during the course of months or years. But even explaining it some people still think that somehow i should’ve had recorded and screencaped every single conversation in my entire life, just in case i have to prove something to an internet rando.

You’re not willing to make the effort of searching and you’re not willing to ask the people whose JOB is to do EXACTLY THAT to do it, yet demand a random guy to provide tons just to give an opinion. You pretend that people have to waste their time; a time you’re not willing to waste; compiling tons of information just so they’re allowed to make a fucking joke, but then also completely ignore when journalists just write some dumb ass take with no proof going for it. If people just reverted that twisted mindset maybe no one would have feel the need to create something like Gamergate to be heard and believed.

Of course, i know this is just confirmation bias. They’ve just chosen to believe those journalist because they agree with their opinons so no evidence is required, meanwhile they’ll never believe anything i say no matter how much proof is provided. I know this because despite everything i’ve said i DO provide evidence in most of my comics. I don’t spend hours compiling “the definitive guide” but i tend to add some link to somewhere where they explain the situation and provide proof. Yet people act as if it isn’t there, because they either don’t fucking read before they cry, or they do but pretend they’ve missed it so they can ignore something that completely fucks up their argument. Believe me i’ve found these kind fully. These people really care nothing about “evidence” and nothing could be said to convince them of anything, regardless of quantity or quality.

That’s why i don’t fucking care about this shit. I’m just an artist, it’s not my job. my job is to draw lewds and funny shit. I’ll draw whatever i want with any joke i want and any opinion i want; if you like them; fine; if you don’t; fine; i don’t care, i’m not here to entertain your demands; i just write my piece and leave it there, i throw my drawings and my tweets to the void and ignore most if not all comments made about it. I have too much shit to draw and procastrination is cancer; nothing is gonna change for wasting time responding to someone with bad faith who cannot be convinced. If by miracle you’re one of the very few who are not completely biased and can let an opinion affect them over time, you should make the exercise of considering if you’ve ever demanded a journalist you agree with that they have to provide evidence in the same quantity you think the random internet memer has to. If not… you should think why.

My new motto is “Don’t feed the woke”. I recommend you follow it too.