(Versión española)

As i said, Nati Ursi will be sometimes saying things i’ve experienced as an hispanic, and in this case what she say is something i find often enought when talking to SJWs. Many times they see me just as an hispanic, instead of an independent person; they nulify me as an individual and treat me as a colective. Many times i’ve been arguin with one of them, and then sudenly they realize i’m hispanic, and they stop insulting me and begin treating me like if i was a kid, listening to everything i say and even agreeing, when i’m saying exactly the same thing they were super angry about minutes before. That angers me much more than any insult they can throw to me. Insults are just expresions of anger and attempts to shame your rival, i don’t tend to take them seriously, but this kind of attitude reveals something they really believe; it shows how they’re racist against their own race, it shows bigotry of low expectations against me, it shows how they’re incapable of seeing me, that they can’t go past my race.

I hope you enjoyed the introductory pages and the new characters. From here onwards i’ll be doing sporadic strips like the ones i’ve been doing, but this time they’ll be probably longer and about many topics.

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