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Mio is a very obvious parody of Milo Yiannopoulos, a person who manages to break the brains of social justice warriors by being a gay conservative and Trump supporter. I may not agree with everything Milo says, and in some topics we cannot be more apart, but that’s precisely why i like him; he’s someone who can make me laugh while telling something i don’t agree with, and someone able to be provocative while backing himself up with facts.

The other characters are obvious references to typical social justice warriors we usually find on the internet and universities.

Triggerhappy is the expansion of my older comic “Gamergate life”. In the old version i talked about problems regarding the gaming industry and the injection of politics and censorship in it, but in this new version i’ll expand into all kind of topics related with political correctness, censorship, social justice activism, gender ideology, etc. The comic will have a few introductory pages and then it will go back to strips of a few panels about specific themes, using the new characters.

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