I have always found ridiculous how people think two characters in the game are “officialy” a couple for the most ridiculous of things. They think Luz and Ezreal are a couple because they were both traveling to find the relic of the Aatrox story, they think Tristana and Teemo are a couple just because they are yodles, or Veigar and Lulu just because they have similar clothe tones, or Riven and Zac because…reasons… and now some people think that Leona and Ahri are officialy a couple because they were making duo on the A new dawn cinematic :p

It’s ok to make imaginary couples like we comic artists do (it’s obvious that Evelynn and Fiora are not a couple in the game), but please separate reality from fiction, the only “offical” couples in that game are Ashe – Tryndamere and Garen – Katarina



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