Time ago, when Riot reworked Fiora, they did an insanely bad work at it, to the point i just stopped playing her (she was my second main). At that point i did a comic page on my serie My little Eve, in which i promised that if they fucked up Evelynns rework, i would do Urgot porn. Well, Eve rework is out, and is one of the worse things that have ever come out of Riot. It’s so bad that it made me angry at the game and made me stop playing Evelynn, after having her as main since Lol got released. The new Eve has practically 0 similarities with old Eve. She’s physicaly different, her in-game model is ugly, too much saturated and lazy, she’s played completelly different than older eves, her new kit makes no sense, her new W is so retarded that if i was a boss at Riot i would fire whoever had the idea, and she’s even more useless than she was before, which in a way kinda have merit, cause it was a feat difficult to acomplish. Oh, but what am i saying, she’s not a “she” anymore. The new lore changes completelly and now instead of a sensual vampire she’s a “thing”, a formless entity who just adopts female form to lure pray, she’s an “it”.

Fuck them. They’ve esentially just deleted Evelynn from the game and introduced a new champion who happens to be called Evelynn. To keep playing her as if she’s Evelynn would be just fooling ourselves. Those of us who dedicated years to her even if she was weak did it cause we either liked her gameplay, or her visuals, or both; now she has none. So i’ve decided to stop playing her, to end My little Eve, and as someone wh keeps promises, to draw Urgot porn. Check my commission rates if you want stuff like this or support me on patreon for adult content.