Trump has (again) blamed videogames for recent shootings in the US, and fortunatelly, most people are calling them out. But the most relevant part for me is not that there’s a fringe part of the republicans who blame videogames; it’s that there’s a fringe part of the left that pretends to be defending videogames against the evil right wingers, when in reality they’ve been caiming that videogames cause violence, sexism and racism, and even that they’re related to shootings, for at least the last 5 years. So this motherfuckers are now defending games only because they want to be on the opposing opinion to Trump. If the accusation had been made by someone like Anita sarkeesian, they would all be parroting that argument in half the existing press.

This idiots on both sides simply choose different times and arguments (or lack of) to attack videogames, but they all attack videogames for the same reasons.

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