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I’m so fucking tired that everytime someone dares to say something against the pervasive Social justive warrior ideology, they’re forced to go through some 1984 indoctrination classes till they follow the party lines. In Spain even the Police were sent to “sensitivity training” for saying that men should also denounce domestic violence against them. It’s such an Orwellian nightmare.

In this case, the developers of Ion Fury saw one of their private conversations leaked, in which they talk against SJWs and about how they destroy everything. SJWs then proceed to prove how false that is by trying to destroy Ion Fury and their jobs…

And now 3drealms has announced that they will be forced to go through indoctrination, i mean, sensitivity training, and their game will be censored.

Fucking cancer. It’s no wonder that during Gamergate most developers confirmed the studios were profoundly anti SJW but no one dared to say anything publicy. Even saying it in private can get you out of the job. When will companies stop pandering to people who will not buy their games anyways, after so many cases of Going woke getting broke?

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