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It’s a very common comment among Gamergate that after 4 years the only reason GG keeps so alive and well is because they media and social justice warriors refuse to let it die. The ideas that GG promoted expanded into the mainstream time ago, and now most people fight against censorship, political correctness and unethical journalism; Gamergate remains as a watchdog and a means of communication/organization, but there’s no particular reason to keep it alive as a movement now that everyone’s on the ride, and there are no campaigns, so it’s not as if you can collectivelly blame us for anything, as i wrote in my text “why gamergate has won“.

The reason it keeps so alive is because the media and SJWs keep talking and talking and talking about it, using it as a boogyman to blame it for everything that goes wrong, so they don’t have to accept they fucked up. You do insanelly bad Star war movies to the point they tank and thousands upon thousands call you out on it? Blame it on the “300 basement dwellers” of Gamergate and avoid reflecting on the criticism! Someone dies and you want to use it to promote your ideology, even if people of that ideology are probably one of the causes of that death? blame it on Gamergate! Do you want to win more views? attack Totalbiscuit after his death cause he was against unethical journalism! Your videogame, your site, your comic, or whatever, went to shit cause nobody bought it? blame it on Gamergate! It’s amazing the power 300 basement dwellers have, and the amount of places we are at the same time, that there’s isn’t a week without an article about how gamergate is to blame for some obscure thing.

Anyways, this page makes a reference to a very old movie, so i don’t know if people with get the reference; i’ve taken kind of a Gamble there. Weekend at Bernie’s is a movie about a couple of guys who go to the tropical resort of their boss only to find out hes dead, and they spend the movie trying to convince everyone that he’s still alive. I drew this page while doing a streaming, if you want to check that out.

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