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Dead or alive 6 director said that they were toning down the sexy in the new game because of the worldwide trend of censorship regarding the female body, which obviously has made fans angry, since one of the most characteristic parts of the game is the fanservice, to the point that in the latest Evo, the DoA6 presentation was a total failure with no one watching it. On the opposite side, Fate Grand Order producer made comments about how Boobs are important when designing the characters, revealing a much deeper understanding of their fanbase than most game developers seem to have today.

There’s already a phrase created to describe the amount of products that change their tone to please the gaming media or small groups of offended people who never buy the game, and as a consecuence displease the people who would have actually bought the game but won’t do it anymore, ending in a complete failure of the product: Get woke go broke.

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