(Versión española)

This is based on a recent viral case in Spain, but it could really be based on any time feminists are confronted with a woman killer or abuser or rapist.

An eight years old child disappeared, and it became viral on tv, until the police finally discovered he was murdered by the girlfriend of the child’s father, which she herself confessed.

There were some sexist and racist comments about it (she’s black), but what was seen in greater numbers was the insane hypocrisy of Spanish feminism, when they began to use every single argument that is usually given to them when they accuse men as a whole, or want presumption of evidence to disappear, or want to impose discriminatory laws based on moral panic, etc. It has been a fucking spectacle to watch social media this week, and see feminists I know, either personally or because they’re famous, using the same arguments they dismiss when they’re given to them, or calling people sexist for saying things that they themselves say all the time, or even trying to justify the woman (some even claimed self defense, lol) and blame the boyfriend for it just because he’s a man, so he must have done something.

I’ve written much more about it in Spanish, but I’m not gonna translate everything; use google translator if you want to read it all.

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