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Recently there was a mass shooting in the US, and again the tired, stupid and discredited topic of “violent videogames” was raised by the media, and even Donald trump said that violent videogames where a problem and he would do something about it. Quickly, people like Anita sarkeesian, or media like Polygon, bashed Trump for his words and for suggesting that videogames can cause violence.

All good and dandy, except for one little problem: That they have been claiming the exact same things as Donald Trump for years. Anita has a long history of saying that games are gross, sexist and violent and are a great influence that make people behave in that ways, and gaming media like Polygon have writen article after article bashing videogames for been too violent and relating them to mass shootings.

It’s clear to me what is happening here. I’ve always said that people like Anita don’t care about videogames, and don’t really think the things they say, they just said them because at that time it was the way to jump into the ideological wave that assured a big load of money. But that same ideology considers Trump the biggest menace to mankind (sorry, should i say “peoplekind”) in history and anything related to him is anathema. So now they find that if they keep saying what they’ve always said, they would have to support Donald trump, which would be a cardinal sin, and they would be rejected by the ideology giving them money. So they have to try to distance themselves of their own opinions to distance themselves of Trump, so they can keep winning money.

Essentially, they’re showing the true colors that movements like Gamergate always warned about.

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