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The remake for the ps3 Catherine game has been released in Japan, and social justice warriors are outraged over an ending of the game. In the game, there’s a character, Erica, who’s a male-to-female transexual and this is discovered about the end of the game. In the new ending, Catherine travels back in time 14 years, to before Erica transitioned, so obviously, Erica appears as a man. SJWs are saying the game “de-transitions” the character;  which is absurd, since they’re at a time were transition has not happened yet; and making shit up about the plot to paint the game as some horrible anti-lgbt product. To make things worse, some of this false rumors have been created by the same person who made up the rumors about Firem emblem fates having an “anti gay potion”, which ended up in a controversy that made the game to be censored in the west. The ResetEra forum even took things further, and are trying to get the director of the game fired of his job at Atlus.

I’ve had to hear for the last 5 years people telling me that is not true that creators have their artistic freedom constrained by fear of outrage mobs; that we are exagerating; yet there are more and more cases of people getting fired or suffering some other repercusions because some group, usually SJWs, gets offended and tries to fuck that person’s life. Now things are even worse cause with time, more groups decide to fight fire with fire, and so if SJWs use those tactics, they will do so as well.

There’s no way at 2019 (current year) of saying that artists don’t have reason to be afraid of doing their works the way they want. There simply isn’t. Creators are not only been fired for what they introduce in their work, they’re been fired even for tweets they made a decade ago. We are in a de facto Games code authority, were devs have to follow rigid lines or be destroyed, and other hobbies are following fast. Shit is escalating more and more and this may lead to the government censoring “offensive” content. There has already been some attempts from some governments, and just recently the U.N. has proposed a law that would make practically most of the existing hentai illegal.

Where do you think this comes from? Obviously from the attacks on sexy content of recent years by offended neo-puritans. Sony is already censoring their games to adapt to “western sensibilities”. Meaning that they’ve seen this outrage mobs in action and think it’s better to censor the authors than to face those mobs. FFs I’ve myself been a victim of outrage mobs lying about me and making me lose money.

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