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Nothing complicated here. The Hufington post and Buzzfeed announced the closing of all of their opinion sections and the layoff of about 1.000 journalists. Meaning they’re getting rid of the crazy social justice content and tumblr journalists, the kind that made the cringy articles spinning every story to blame it on patriarchy, men, straight people or whites, or made clickbait articles about the 20 best way to eat a dorito, or encouraged readers to doxx and harrass those they didn’t like, or straight up did it themselves. In Spain, Buzzfeed spain and Buzzfeed Lola (a radical feminist and openly man-hating section of Bf) have completelly closed down. At more or less the same time, someone tried to resucitate Gawker, only for it to fail in a few days when all of its reporters left.

This is all good news i would say. Of course those Buzzfeed and Huffington post are still alive, and there will be honest journalist who have lost their job, but if what they’ve focused on cutting of first have been opinion and feminist sections, it means that the practice of promoting insane social justice ideas, bash straigh white men for everything and clickbait to the stratosphere is ceasing to give money. Maybe companies are finally realizing how true the “get woke go broke” saying is, and we’ll begin to see a slow end to corporate feminism.

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