It’s amazing the insane effort that exists to try to paint The last jedi’s failure and criticisms as the fault of anything except the movie’s poor quality. The “fault” of the failure jumped from “sexists on the internet” to the favourite boogyeman “gamergate”, and now apparently the new push is that it was all the fault of “russian bots”; which is also apparently the excuse for losing elections and a lot other stuff. It’s amazing how much power some russian bots have, ah?

There’s no way to say this movie was objetivelly anything but bad, and it’s not an isolated opinion. Everywhere you look and everyone you ask tells you they didn’t like the movie. For every person who says they liked it, a hundred tell you it was bad, for a whole lot of reasons. But the movie has, probably because of its obvious political ideology, made itself kind of a simbol of the far left in a wider cultural battle, so there’s an interest in defending it at all costs against any logic and with any excuse possible. Excuse that changes every week. And now we are at Russian bots. Figures.

I found an article debunking the whole russian bots thing, tho it really didn’t need much debunking, so i’m adding it here. If you want a very good analysis of why the movie sucks, that fits with my perspective, there’s a long and exhaustive one in here.

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