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I’m not a fan of Diablo so it’s not as if i followed this story closelly, and it also happened while i was at a convention, but there are a couple good articles about it out there, like this one. TL;DR, Blizzard kinda hyped a new game announcement that hinted at been from the Diablo franchise, so fans where hyped for either Diablo 4 or a PC spinoff, but at the last moment, and worst possible one, at the blizzcon, they revealed it was gonna be Diablo immortal, a movile game that would be developed by NetEase, a chinese company of the kind that do bad gatcha games, full of microtransactions. In fact it seems that the game is just a reskin of an existing game. Fans where obviously not happy, said it so, and the answer from Blizzard was “don’t you have a phone”, while the game journalists, as always, sided with the big corporation and blamed everything on gamer entitlement, white male privilege and sexism. Because why not.

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