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Recently, the E3 was again, and as in every E3, the feminists HAD to find something to attack gamers. In this case, it was Tim Soret, creator of the game The last night. TLN is a pixel indie game, and though i don’t like that kind of games, it was very well received by the audience. But then, someone dug up some comments that Tim did in 2014, where he criticized the third wave of feminism for their censorious nature and commented that the setting of his game would be similar to a world where this feminist took control (essentially, the same kind of setting as Farenheit 451), and wrote them with the Gamergate hashtag.

Quickly the feminist police, lead by zoe Quinn, whose book is not selling shit and obviously want to fake harrassment to increase sales, attacked Tim, tried to boicot the game, tried to make Microsoft to drop support for them, and claimed that they would not allow for anyone who critizice feminism to work in the industry, no matter how much time ago the comments where, essentially proving that what Tim said about the censorious nature of feminism is true. Following that, Raw Fury Games, the publisher of the game, released a statement in which they subtly threatened Tim Soret, essentially saying “Tim is a feminist, OR ELSE!…”. In the end, Tim caved and made a public apology that he should have never done, since the SJW are never satisfied and will ask for more and more. And indeed, they claimed that “it was not enough”, so i guess they’ll now be changing the plot of the game to suit the feminist agenda (as of now they have deleted part of the desciption of the game, that said one of the reasons for the game setting being a dystopia is the introduction of universal basic income, which is guess they will erase from the game to apease sjws).

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