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Considering how gamergate managed to pull on the brakes to the injection of identity politics and censorship in games, and managed to start a cultural change against the new authoritarianism of the alt left, one could think the alt left would consider a better plan of action if they want to try in another kind of hobbies, and that after Trump, they would realize that calling half of a country “racist”, “misogynist” and “nazi” doesn’t help to win the over to your side.

Lol, nope, think again mofo. Full on charge forward with the “sexist harassers” banner towards comic readers who complain about the injection of identity politics and bad writing in superhero comics.

“Comicsgate” is a thing that has been going in an out for some time because of the stupid Marvel and DC are doing in their comics (specially Marvel), but it seems to have taken a more serious take recently with the attempts of several Marvel artists of destroying the life of a youtube comic critic; “Diversity and comics”; because he criticized the bad writing of their social justice comics and the lack of professionalism of many Marvel artists on social media. This seem to have escalated to the point that several of them conspired to harass him at a convention, with the intention that he snaps, hit someone, and have an excuse to beat him up. Which is even more funny if we consider that D&C is a former Marine :D.

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