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Liana K, a feminist who has enough feet in the ground that i can like her even if i disagree with many of her feminist vision, made a twitter rant in which she critiziced those who are trying to excuse Antifa when they beat up people and destroy the streets but then they treat Gamergate as a terrorist organization or a hate campaign for just words. And i completelly agree. This is a point in which is not even relevant if Gamergate points are correct or not, or if Gamergate really commited harrassment or not. Because in the end even if all of the lies the media tells about Gamergate were true, it would still be just words in a computer screen. No one was ever hurt due to Famergate. Whereas Antifa is causing a lot of victims, a lot of injuries, huge quantities of material damage, and there was even a murder of republicans for ideological reasons not long ago. No matter how you look at it, even in the most fantasy nightmarish version of Gamergate that the media can build, it would still not be even close to what antifa does. So if you condemned Gamergate, make very sure you condemn Antifa as well. And if you don’t, well then stop shitting about Gamergate.

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