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The Mary Sue wrote a retarded article bashing anime, and its fans, because some of it has fanservice. It’s the typical article filled with the common feminist “it’s ok when we do it” rethoric; the kind that makes you realize that the writer doesn’t care about equality, but more about puritanism hided under the guise of equaltity.

This is something that has always amazed me about feminism and social justice. Anime is most probably the most egalitarian media in existance. Men and women have the same posibilities and representations. Both can be main characters, both can be the most powerfull, competent, inteligent or skilled character, or the weaker, incompetent, dumber or useless of all. Both can have good or bad personalities. Both can suffer and die, with no special reference to their gender beyond sexual attraction. And both genders are sexualized and idealized. Also there are tons of LGBT characters. In fact anime has been representing LGBT characters in a positive light since decades before Tumblr began to lose their shit with stuff like Steven universe (which is even funnier because they’re not even female, they’re genderless stones), with shows like Sailor moon or Utena dating the early 90s. And i don’t think i’ve ever seen an anime in which LGBT characters are treated badly because of their sexuality. Even with race (which japaneses are not very famous for being tolerant) you rarely see bad representations in anime. They’re usually just another character and their race rarely cames to light unless they’re talking about their countries for some reason. My favourite anime, Macross (robotech) from the 82 already showed people from every place of the world fighting together, with the chieff communications officer black girl (Claudia) and the american blonde pilot (Roy fokker) making the coolest couple of all. If anything, anime should be the supreme paradise for anyone who REALLY cares about equality.

Yet feminists and social justice warriors despise anime because…sometimes there’s fanservice…

Oh but not because fanservice itself. But because there’s fanservice of women. They care shit about the fanservice of male characters. Anime is completely full of male characters who are pretty and idealized for a female audience. Almost any main character, or best friend/rival of the main character in shonen are pure fanservice. Males on shojo are (logically) idealized to the point of Edward cullen, and tend to show without shirt for no reason other than fanservice. Then you have all the “bromance” shows like “Free!” which are the male equivalent of Dead or alive beach voleyball. And all of those characters tend to appear in fanservice situations no matter the target of the anime (obviously more on female oriented animes, but even male oriented have those characters and fanservice for women). Even shows that are completely focused on manly stuff, the “manime” shows like Jojo’s bizarre adventure, the ones that really show male characters who are more about power than attractive, have characters or situations made for females (Caesar, Kakyoin…).

Yet all this gets ignored, or brushed aside with some “it’s ok when we do it” feminist excuse. And instead, because some female characters in some animes that are targeted to men wear some revealing clothes or have sporadic fanservice scenes, they consider that anime, and all anime, is an evil misogynist cave where they shall never go, and they laught at the mere idea that anime can have some kind of equality. Because they don’t really care shit about equality, it’s about repressing sexuality, because they are the religious puritanical left who think the most, and probably only, important thing for “equality” is to cover up women, and if a show has anything made to apease a male audience through sexuality, that authomaticaly makes the show misogynistic.

Having that in mind, it’s not really a surprise that feminism defends radical islam; they both want to cover up women.

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