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Milo Yiannopoulos got reported in twitter by actress Leslie Jones (Ghotbusters), after he wrote a very negative review of the Ghostbusters movie and told her to stop playing victim. In an interesting short time he has been banned completely from the platform because of it, and a shitstorm has arised on twitter with the hashtag #freemilo, regarding if he deserved the ban or not or if this is an attack on conservatives or free speech.

For me, the relevant thing here is the Bias that twitter shows. I’ve seen some comments from Leslie Jones that are openly racist and even one in which she literally ask her followers to go after a person, yet nothing happens to her. It can’t be denied that Milo is a provocatour, but Twitter is full of hashtags and accounts asking for the death of people, and even accounts recruiting for Isis, and those accounts take weeks or months to close (if they are even closed), yet Milo is banned in about a day for daring to argue with a feminist. Also, the reason they are giving is aparently not what he said, but that his followers also argued with Leslie Jones. I find that completelly stupid. I can’t judge if, how many, or who was harrassing who cause there are so much comments in that disscussion (although i’ve looked at 5 left wing articles claiming that Milo was the bad guy, and none of them show even a single tweet from either him or his suporters, which makes me suspicious…), but the point is, why should he be held responsible for what his fans do if he has not asked them to do it?. Leslie Jones can go free for literally asking her followers to harrass someone, but Milo is held responsible because he has so many fans that some of them may be assholes? Does that mean if you’re famous you can’t have a discussion with anyone because your fans may decide to have it too?

I’ve right now about 4k followers in twitter. It’s a small amount, but if most of them decided to barge into a disscussion i’m having with someone, is still quite the people talking to someone; is that my fault? now i have to mantain radio silence in my twitter just in case some of my followers is an asshole? i’ll be banned if a racist follows me and insults a black guy? i see some dangerous guilt by association here that can be used to throw down anyone with very little excuse. Which takes us to the Bias of twitter regarding who they apply their rules. I’m no conservative but after i’ve seen this latest years i think it’s obvious twitter has a bias against conservatives and tends to censor and ban them for things they would not ban a left winger, or  someone related to a “social cause”, like BLM or Islam. I’ve been a victim myself of Selective application of rules due to bias, so i’m not exactly happy about it.

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