sketches 1

As those who follow me will know, i’ll be expanding my “Gamergate life” comic into a new version to make pages about all kind of topics related to Social justice warriors or censorship outside videogames, in a way that can be understood by those who know nothing about Gamergate. So the new version (finally nicknamed “triggerhappy” ) will have Vivian and Lilian to speak about videogames, but will also need other kind of characters to handle other topics. One of them will be Taytweets, and K’sara probably will appear from time to time, but i’ll have yet to decide the other ones, for both the Vivian camp and Lilian camp.

One of the characters i’ll probably introduce is a minority bisexual woman, who will be adored by the SJWs because all her “status”, while she will hate them, which will lead to some interesting situations. My first idea is to make her hispanic because, well, i know something about being hispanic :p; but i’m open to ideas, and also to opinions about names or what design do you like more.

You can also comment what you think about other possible characters. I think i should at least introduce a male on each camp. Maybe a “Milo style” gay for the Vivian camp, and a self hating white male for Lilian, though i want to also introduce some not completely hateful characters on that camp (kinda like Lilian).