First of, thanks to those who took the time to answer to my post about the possible futures for Gamergate life (if you haven’t read it, it’s here) . I have received many dozens of answers in different social medias, reddit, patreon, my website, etc, that have ranged from people who want me to just keep doing the comics exactly as i do now, without speaking about anything beyond games journalism, to people who want to see Vivian everywhere and speaking about everything (and of course, porn). People who want a new comic, others who want a rebrand of the present one, people who want Viv as protagonist and others who want her as just a secondary one. But there has been some clear results from the answers:

First, there has been a lot of people who has misunderstood what i wrote XD. This may be because english is not my first language, but a big ammount of people seem to think that i want to stop doing Gamergate life. That’s not the case, i’ll keep doing GG life pages regardless of what i decide. My doubts where because i want to do organized comic pages about Social issues not directly related to GG in a way that everyone can understand, and mixing it with GG life has it’s problems.

Secondly, there seem to be no one who dislikes the idea of using Vivian to speak about social issues beyond gaming. What’s more, a vast majority of people want Vivian and Lilian to be the protagonists even if i do a new separate comic, instead of making them just pop up as secondaries.

There seem to be a little more division about if doing a new comic or expanding GG life, but even so the majority seems to prefer GG life rebranded and expanded to cover new topics.

Only a few people prefer for GG life to stick only to games journalism. Some people have expressed that they would like to see Monster girls used to satirice racial issues; which i already do in my Monster girls on tour comic, though i could take it one step further in this one. Surprisingly, i have had no one telling me i should just stop doing GG life because it’s shit; something i expected at least a few people to do XD.

So, the way i think i can do this, is to indeed expand GG life by making a few, big, introductory pages to make clear that new topics will be included, and then keep doing pages of a few panels, some of them about GG stuff, some of them about social issues, etc. But also create a separate folder in my website where i include all the Social issues ones only, to show to people who don’t know what GG is.

The best idea that comes to my mind right now is to make a few “story” pages where Vivian decides to go to University to study something; for example, she wants to be a game dev, or a journalist to change the gaming media from within or something like that. Lilian would also go because Vivian pokes her about doing her own Social justice games if she want social justice in games, or something along those lines (this are just ideas, i may change my mind if i think of something better or someone gives me a cool idea). K’sara would also go for no aparent reason because she’s a monster girl; i can use her for absurd humor jokes regarding race, lesbianism, her revealing clothes or making her angry when feminists say she must be protected cause she’s a woman and stuff. Then at university they would find a few particular characters that i would use for the different topics i want to tackle (like, a tumblr feminist, a self flagelating white male hipster, a black woman who dislikes identity politics or a Milo style gay, for example). There would be just a few pages to introduce all that and then i would use those characters for comic strips in the line of GG life. And of course i would use Viv and Lil for the gamergate related ones.

As for the name. Some people has given some ideas, but almost all of them are related to gaming, like “Gamer girls” or “Gamers at large”, and as i said, this would be to expand to several topics beyond gaming. Some other names are things like “triggered sjw’s” or “socjus” or “Outrage culture gone wild”. I have thought about a few ones like “Perpetualy offended”. But if it’s gona be an expansion of GG life maybe it’s better if the name it’s derived from it? Something like “Gamergate’s life at university”? I’ll have to think about it, and of course i would like to read ideas.

Don’t expect this to be out any time soon though. First i’ll have to make designs for the new characters. I know GG has a whole set of characters like Freya, and characters like Taytweets are a no brainer to include, but i’ll need to create characters that fit the topics outside gaming journalism, and also the SJW characters. I’ll also have to think about those first introductory pages. And right now i’ve to finish a 15 page comic for a magazine before the end of August, so this may take some time to see the light. In the meantime i’ll keep doing normal GG life pages when something relevant happens.

I’ll be posting images of sketches and ideas i have so people can give their opinions. I’m open to ideas about the introductory pages or characters, and you can also leave a comment with a possible name.

vivian x ksara