Time for another development update for Sukeban and senpai! This time i make tentative designs for the spanish fighter.

Left design is the base using the official school uniform (without the jacket on) without jacket but the final one would probably go one of the other two routes. Key here is making clear her color is yellow (sukeban is red, ojou-sama is blue), and she’s more carefree than the other two. Let me know which one you like more.

Also i’m relatively sure i’m gonna forget to draw that mole about 50% of the time.

Aside of that, i’m still undecided on her martial art. My starting idea was Keysi, the spanish martial art, since i would like to give every character an art akin to their nationality. But after research, Keysi seems to be one of those useless McDojo martial arts created just a few years ago to make easy money. Also the fighting stance looks fucking ridiculous.

So i thought maybe using brazillian jiu jutsu ’cause it could be the closest thing. But again after research, i’m not convinced. BJJ seems to be a very effective and serious martial art, but it also seems to consist in like 99% grabbing the opponent and trying to choke them on the ground. Which is, again, effective, but also fucking boring to watch. I think that tweaking things a little with manga shenanigans i could make a fight with an enemy using BJJ and make it interesting for that one fight, but for a main character it would mean fight after fight of just panels of the two characters on the ground. “Battle club” already did that and it had to go the humor route because the fights themselves didn’t have much to play with (they used wrestling) and on itself that was part of the joke.

So i’m back to square 1 considering Keysi (or Defense lab, which is the same thing since it’s just a split among the two creators of keysi, but equally ridiculous and ineffective) , but basically making up almost most of it. Like using some of the core movements they use and tune them up to eleven as most manga as possible to make it look a valid thing. And i wouldn’t even touch their fighting stance; i would use something resembling it but more like using one arm, fist raised close to the head, nothing resembling whatever the fuck they’re doing massaging their heads.