Second Sukeban development update, this time starring, uuuh, well i haven’t thought of a name yet so feel free to give your ideas.

I’ve been thinking that probably i’m gonna go with 3 fighter girls rather than 4. I was unsure about one of them and i think the dynamic between the characters are gonna work better if kinda fuse her with another of the characters. With that said, one of the main characters is gonna be this girl, of completely mysterious nationality. I’m doing sketches for her design. I want it to tell you where she is from on first sight and be mainly blue as that will be her representative color. 1a and 1b are ideas for what’s bellow the school dress and it’s how she would normally fight. I like the Stars on B but it would probably be a fucking pain to draw panel by panel so if the design is clear enough with A i would do A, expect maybe the stars on the breasts. 2a and b are ideas for her normal school attire so you tell me which you like more.

Aside of that she would be a Boxer, of course. I also have thought maybe do the spaniard use brazilian jiu jutsu since it may be the closest “spanish” sounding thing. I had the idea of maybe using Keysi, the spanish martial art, but after researching it, it seems to be one of those useless martial art McDojos (expected from Spain tho) and it also looks tremendously lame.

So that’s it, leave your comments if you want and i’ll have them in mind.