My drawing for the 5th anniversary of Gamergate is simpler than former years; something that has to do with her point; but has a concise message for journalists and wokes: If you want Gamergate to dissapear, stop fucking talking about it! Like, really, you talk about GG ten times more than Gamergaters. Just this month there has been like a dozen of articles talking about it as if it was more alive today than 5 years ago. Move on, we did.

The people of Gamergate understood years ago that our complains were part of a bigger issue, and that issue has detonated a cultural war with two sides way bigger than what Gamergate was. GG pointed out this problems in videogames only, but as this problems invade all media and entertainment, and people of all kinds awake to it, a smaller movement specifically just for games isn’t necessary. I wrote about this years ago, about how we “won” because we made our topic of complain to be know by everyone and be fought in the cultural war by a lot more people.

Right now Gamergate is something we just use to communicate; there are forums and there’s the hashtag to share information, but there are no campaigns, no coordinated objectives, no hangouts, etc. Gamergate as a movement ceased to be time ago, and it only keeps coming back because they bring it back, again and again. I even did a comic about that.

And speaking of comics, if you’re gonna come at me with something like “you keep doing comics about gamergate”, as some people do to avoid adressing the topics of the comics; i haven’t done a comic about Gamergate in years. I simply use the same characters i’ve always used cause there’s no reason to stop doing it. Triggerhappy switched long ago from commentary about Gamergate to social commentary in general, simply having Vivian and Co. as the protagonists, cause they’ve been the protagonists since forever.

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