My website had grown considerably slow and buggy in the last year, and i have reached the limits of my hosting several times. Clicking from a comic page to the next sometimes took even 4 seconds or more; (at least in Spain, tho i guess the server is in the US), and there’s no way someone would read a comfortably with 4 seconds delays.

So after a lot of research and consideration i’ve upgraded my hosting to a dreampress. It costs more than double than what i had before, but the situation had reached a point where i couldn’t even upgrade plugins cause the site would just go down if i tried. I also have a traffic that is apparently way beyond what a basic hosting provides (some months i have 150k visits, and i’ve have had spikes of 35k visits in a day) so the site would particularly work like shit when i publish some Triggerhappy comic. Even now i’m at risk of that; my dreampress host is prepared for about 100k visits per month.

I’ve also been tweaking with some plugins to increase speed, although with my poor knowledge i don’t know if have done more damage than good. For what i’ve tested, the Jetpack plugin really fucks up my speed, but it seems to be a vital plugins that helps the site in other stuff and i use several of its features. I’ve also changed the design of the web a little to make it faster.

Let me know if the site is now faster for you, if the comic can be read more comfortably now or if you have any problem with navigation.