Well, watched the Alita film; no spoilers, but thank god i went with low expectations, cause what a disaster of adaptation.

It’s like they just randomly threw in stuff from 20 years of manga, and stuff from the ova, while making shit up to somehow mix it all,

I don’t usually do “reviews” of stuff, but Alita is my favourite comic of all times, and was rightfully afraid of this adaptation. I still tried to see it with a neutral stance, and managed to not cringe for the first half, but the more they revealed of the backstory and setting, the more i cringed.

I mean it’s not as bad as Dragon ball evolution, it at least have similarities with the manga, but mainly it’s a made up story than then they filled with references to a miriad stuff, while never using it correctly.

Most of the characters and representative stuff are there just as a cameo. The tone is completely lost; they turned scrapyard city into a place full of light and happy people, when it’s a dark city full of poor souls that barely can mantain their cyborg parts. And how they fuck they managed to change Alita into family friendly stuff… like, seriously, Alita is super gory, and i don’t know if i even saw blood here.

Even the motorball, which was the thing i was most hopeful for, is completelly underused, and not even the motorballers from the manga appear. There’s one cameo that even felt insulting because how the fuck you introduce THAT character and let it slide as just a cameo?

They also completelly made up the entire backstory of Alita, the backstory of important characters, and the setting of the world. It’s like it’s a completely diferent world and story, but then Alita is there.

It still has somehow a resemblance to the first volumes so at least there’s that, it doesn’t completely ignore the source like other adaptations, so it’s not on the worse tier of anime movie, but it’s still bad.