There’s a nude version of the drawing in my patreon for supporters. I’ve always wanted to do one of those “Draw this again” challenges where you pick an old drawing and do it again, but i never found a suitable drawing to redraw; so in the end i’ve opted for doing a redesign of one of my old characters as i would do her today.

Elfen Tiger was one of the protagonists of Champions of the Elves, one of my first comic projects, and by far the most detailed one. I spent lot of time refining the story and characters, did several comics, re-wrote it and re-drawed them, and presented it to some editorials (at the time were webcomic wasn’t still a viable option). In fact, this would have been the story i would’ve done as webcomic if i had started into this format on my own instead of with a partner; but that’s a story for another day.

CotE was a fantasy story set in a Dungeons & dragons setting; a very powerfull dark elf had stolen the Heart of the elven tree, and since that would cause the destruction of the elven realm, all elven races sent out groups of heroes to retrieve it. The story focused on a very irregular group, mix of several races, and with many problems of attitude and lack of power, who happen to be the ones who find the dark elf. The comic already had the humor poking fun at stereotypes that Monster girls on tour has, but applied to fantasy and roleplaying games.

Elfen Tiger was a very small Wild elf, who acted like she was the thoughtest thing in town, when she actually lost most of the times; she was rather skilled, but lacked in strenght due to size; you can take her as kinda of a prototype between K’sara and Rakunda. The original design had cords with giant handcuffs attached to her neck, which she used to grapple opponents. It was a very cool thing, but on practice it took a lot of effort to do them panel by panel and i often forgot to draw them, so today i would instead arm her with metal fists that can fire hooks, so she can move spiderman-like. Tho if i ever again in my life re-take this idea, it’ll be probably so long in the future that i would again redo her design.

You can see a picture of the whole team i did a lot of time ago here; maybe i’ll maybe do other Draw this again in the future.