sketches hispanic

Following yesterday’s sketches for new characters to introduce in Gamergate life: triggerhappy, i’ve thought about going for the hispanic girl with design C for the Vivian’s camp, while i’ll use design A as a feminist character who dislikes videogames and geeks for Lilian’s camp. Someone gave the idea of naming her with something that sounds like “Not your shield”. It’s a good idea, though i will have to find an hispanic name that can be pronounced in a similar way, or at least that can be changed into a Nickname with that pronunciation. I’m open to suggestions.

I think i will probably have about 5 characters in each camp, with different grades of protagonism and depth. For Vivian camp they’ll be Vivian, Tayweets (who will not be much more than comic relief); K’sara, who will probably only sporadically appear since she already has a comic; this hispanic girl, who will be adored by Sjws (although they will not like how she dresses) while she will dislike the way they act and don’t think twice of speaking her mind; and as 5th i have in mind some kind of Milo character combined with Jojo bizarre style, who can be named something as sutile as “NotMilo” or something like that xD

For Lilian’s camp we can have Lilian; then the the girl in design A as a white, high class, rich feminist who will act as if she’s opressed even if she has 0 worries in life; also a self flagelating white male, a trigglipuff style fat feminist, and maybe a BLM guy? I’m still deciding on those ones, so any ideas are apreciated. I want to have a cast of characters that allow me to interchange them when i need to speak about different topics.